× WARNING! All transactions are AML verified. Before creating an order, we recommend that you independently check your assets using the service https://explorer.crystalblockchain.com/ or https://amlbot.com/ru/

Fraud Warning

For your safety, we recommend that you follow the following precautions :

1. Do not make transfers to accounts of untested individuals. You must make sure that the account has been opened and used the alleged person .

2. If possible , limit or refuse to conduct financial transactions with money belonging to third parties . These operations may be part of a criminal offense .

3. Refrain from providing loans through irrevocable payment systems. Money for such loans are non-refundable .

4. For payment of an application for Cryptopay24, always use bank details received at its design . Please note that these details can not be sent to you by email , Skype, ICQ or other means.

5. Please report receiving fraudulent or suspicious e-mails related to the Cryptopay24, to Cryptopay24 Customer Support.