× WARNING! All transactions are AML verified. Before creating an order, we recommend that you independently check your assets using the service https://explorer.crystalblockchain.com/ or https://amlbot.com/ru/

Frequently asked questions

    • Conducting purchase / sale / exchange operations

      - Operations related to the input and output of electronic currencies are held with the participation of the operator and take 5 to 30 minutes

    • How do I check the status of my application ?

      You just go to your "Personal Cabinet" and view "History of operations" . Here ou will find info about your orders, in case of any questions you may contact our "Live chat" .

    • What if there is no reserve for my order ?

      You may fill out the "Reseve notification form" or contact an operator via "Live Chat".

    • Can I refuse to exchange ?

      Yes, you can. In more detail you can receive in the section "policy of refunds"

    • What if I created and paid for the order, but the money still has not come?

      - If you do transfer through a bank or internet banking system , check whether funds has been withdrawn from your account;

      - Normaly the order processing time is up to 30 minutes but due to some unexpected circumstances orders may be delayed. In the later case please contact "Live Chat" for clarification;

    • I have entered wrong details and the money did not come, what to do?

      If the account that you specified in error, does not exist or it is blocked , then you are lucky : the money won't be sent there, and we will send them to you using corrected data. If the account exists, the money sent to him. Unfortunately, electronic transfers can not be undone. You can try to get them back on your own by writing to the owner of this account. To avoid such situations always carfully double check entered data.

    • What can I di in my "Personal Cabinet"?

      - chek statuses of your orders;

      - pass through verification procedure;

      - contact our service regarding specific orders using build-in chat application .

    • Why do I need to verify myself? (sending my ID's)?

      It gives you much more trust from our side. Broadens amount of transactions and directions you can create using our service

    • I have found error or mistyping on your website. What should I do?

      Please don't hesitate to comunicate it to our support in any convenient way.

    • I have an offer or a wish, what should I do?

      Please don't hesitate to contact our support via "Live Chat" or email.