AML Policy

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Policy.

Money laundering is the process of transforming the proceeds of crime into ostensibly legitimate money or other assets.

Anti-money laundering (AML) incorporates a complex of measures and legal controls that financial institutions and other regulated entities must undertake to prevent, detect, and report money laundering and terrorist financing activities.

Cryptopay24 complies with international AML standards, the policy consist of the following terms:

-       Risk-based approach

-       Customer due diligence

-       Ongoing monitoring

-       Suspicious transaction reports

-       Record-keeping

According to above mentioned terms Cryptopay24 AML Policy actions will involve, but not be limited to the following:

-       Determine the extent measures and ongoing monitoring, depending upon the background of the customer and transaction or service used by that customer. Determine the country-specific risks or customer-specific risks. Refuse to process the transactions related to the clients with high country or customer specific risks.  

-       Execute due diligence whenever it is required to identify the customer. The due diligence involve: Identification of the ultimate beneficial owner; Information collection on the purpose and intended nature of the business; Examination funds source involved in transaction.

-       Track suspicious activities of the clients and transactions executed under unusual conditions. This includes, but not limited to, transactions that do not make economic sense, unexplained large transactions, transactions involving unidentified parties, investments related transactions of unclear nature.

-       Accumulate and store identification data of every Client, as well as IP addresses, online activity, communications and, in general, all transactions carried out by the Client.

Cryptopay24 reserves the right to refuse to process a transaction at any stage, when the transaction is (on our opinion) related to a high risk.

Providing Cryptopay24 with false information will be treated as a misuse of the service. Cryptopay24 will report about such cases and cooperate with the authorities of the countries where illegal operations were executed.